Wine Festivals in North Carolina

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  • 20 Oct, 2016

North Carolina is one of the most visited destinations in the United States, due to the popularity of wine and culinary tourism. Wine tourism includes activities such as visiting wineries, tasting, consumption or purchase of wine and taking part in the harvest. Ever since the European Colonization in the 17th century, people of North Carolina have been involved in wine production. Local producers of North Carolina are the first to grow Scuppernong, a large variety of Muscadine (species of grape native to the United States). This variety of grape is also the state fruit of the Old North State.

This state has highly diversified geography, which facilitates the cultivation of grapes. Starting from the beach along Atlantic Ocean to the height of 6,684 ft at Mount Mitchell, this state has the best climate and soil for wine cultivation. The 400 years old “Mother Vine”, the oldest cultivated grapevine of the world, grows on Roanoke Island of North Carolina. The Island has proven to be a popular attraction for the lovers of wine. North Carolina is also host to various wine festivals, organized throughout the year to cherish the joy brought by wine.

Wine Festivals in North Carolina:

Wine Festivals are  a great way to enjoy honeymoons, pre-wedding meeting or bachelor and bachelorette parties between families North Carolina features many major winery festivals in the USA which are described below:

North Carolina Wine Festival

North Carolina Wine Festival is held every summer in Clemmons, this event is the largest festival in the state with 40 wineries. The festival includes wine tasting and music. It also features an exhibition of art, crafts and foods.

Salute! The North Carolina Wine Celebration

Salute! The North Carolina Wine Celebration wine festival is organized every spring in Winston-Salem, NC. Presented by BB&T, an American bank, this festival features over 30 wineries that offer wine samples. Prior to the festival, several downtown restaurants participate in “Salute Winemaker Dinners” to create the best meal for the audience.

Foothills Festival

A spring wine festival in Morganton, Foothills Festival features some of the finest wineries from Blue Ridge and Foothills region. This festival presents you the samples of dry, sweet, red and white wine. It also hosts an exhibition of local fresh food, arts and live music.

Shelton Vineyards Spring Festival

Shelton Vineyards Spring Festival is also popularly known as Spring Wine Festival in Dobson. This carnival hosts free wine tours and tasting of the finest wines in Dobson. Besides the display of wine, local artisans and craftsmen present their handmade items in this show.

Whalehead Club Festival

Whalehead Club Festival is sponsored by Corolla Classic Vacations. This festival lets you enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting in this club. Adult admission costs $20, which includes a discounted coupon for audio interpretation of the tour, and a souvenir club wine glass to sample all the featured wines. This event is free for non-drinking adults and children.

Stanley County Winter Festival

Stanley County Winter Festival is hosted by Albemarle Downtown Development Corporation; this festival allows you to taste over 85 varieties of wine from 13 vineyards of North Carolina. Besides providing a great afternoon with the wine and friends, this event also provides you a chance to learn modern taste trends.

Yadkin Valley Grape Festival

Yadkin Valley Grape Festival is held every fall, this festival lets you taste and purchase the wine made from the grapes of Yadkin Valley. Live music entertainment, crafts and food also add value to this event.

Wine Tourism in North Carolina

In 2007, North Carolina had 55 wineries and 350 vineyards. The current data suggests that North Carolina is home to more than 100 wineries and 400 vineyards. This state ranks tenth in wine production in the United States. Make your way to the joyous North Carolina and Winston-Salem, in particular to taste the beautifully brewed wine, with the transportation service from Airport Connection Express.

DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE, make sure to hire a taxi, shuttle or limo for reliable and safe transportation service.

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The main purpose of the advancement in technologies is to make our life easy. If we take a little time to figure out the reasons behind all new launches, we will get the answers. A simple example would be mobile phones. People already had landlines to communicate with each other; what was the necessity of touch phones? Well, I don’t need to answer this.

Taxi is one form of advanced inventions. It plays a very important role in the development of the transportation industry. But, people don’t usually count much on taxi service. People who have money will opt for private cars, while people who don’t own car will go for bus and train. Here are some reasons that favor local taxi services.


Why Taxi Cab Service?

1. Convenience

The most crucial reason behind people travelling to a taxi is benefit from the trip. A great cab driver is readily available for you to drive as well as does know all the paths and will assist in door to door service.

Moreover, traveling from one place to another frequently has become a challenge with all the growing complications in the cities. Whether it’s your daily job or an emergency, sometimes public transportation or even your own car might not be feasible. And that is when a taxi service comes into play.

 2. Advance Booking

Unlike trains and buses, taxi cab service offers you the advantage of advance booking. You can simply log on to the taxi company’s website and fill their online reservation to book your taxi. Things won’t be getting much easier than this since with a single click of a button, you will be booking a taxi service of your choice.

 3. Other Possible Benefits

Taxi service also offers valuable services for the elderly, disabled and children. Taxi helps in the mobility of the impaired people.

 4. Other Emergency Situations


You will come across those days when you will have to attend a function that is in a walking distance. You are all set to reach the place getting dressed up, but your car is not ready. Meanwhile, at the end it rains; to save yourself from the mess, you can always rely on taxi cabs.


Private Car Jammed

You are on the way to the meeting. In the middle of the road, your car gets jammed, and you have no idea what you are supposed to do. You are in a hurry, and no way can you wait till your car is fixed. This is one unexpected situation when you will need a taxi cab to reach the place as earliest possible time.



You can’t predict any emergency situation and get prepared about What Next!! If you have to get somewhere in an emergency situation, you can’t consider public vehicle that runs on a tight schedule. The only option you will have is hiring a taxi cab service.


Taxi is an alternative to private cars for the people who dislike travelling in public vehicles. The service is fast, reliable and affordable too. Simply there are several good reasons for employing a taxi service. If you have already experienced the benefits of taxi service, feel free to share in the comments below. Or you can share several reasons of hiring taxi service not mentioned above.

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1. Checking the contents of your rental package, your insurance, roadside help, infant seats, GPS, free miles and a great deal more are there to check while you look for a taxi, car or any other transportation rental companies. It is advisable that you check precisely what is incorporated before you choose a proper taxi or car rentals.
Once you receive information from the company itself, make sure to make a written contract before paying.

2. If you have decided to travel abroad be it any reasons holidays or others, the next step is to know the driving laws of that nation. The most important things to note are the various sides of roads while driving in various nations (USA drive on the right), the signage, driving culture in general, and many more. There are various other driving laws that you must know unless you are using a chauffeured rides like taxis and limousines.

A good car or limousine hiring companies will inform you the greater parts of this. These companies will make sure to advise you on reading signs well so that you don’t get lost or take a wrong turn, what to expect from different drivers headed straight towards you and many other safety precautions.

3. Check how you are gathering your vehicle before you arrive on that place. Airport car or limousine hires are getting very popular these days because you can simply land at the airport and these companies will be there to receive you. You can just get your keys and leave for your journey.
However, not all the companies offer this. The next step is to check and double check the arrangements to pick your vehicle. Whether you want an airport car hire pick up or you will collect the vehicle from your rental agency.

4. Make sure that you got the vehicle that you want and that you have chosen. Make sure to see whether or not the vehicle is suited to your requirements. Some might be travelling with a long list of people like friends or family thus needing a large vehicle with ample space or you might be travelling with an elderly.
These four suggestions can guarantee that your travel abroad goes smooth. Ensure your travel agreements are contracted in a proper manner and never compromise on what you had paid for.

Airport Connection Express offers various car, taxi and limousine rental services around the area of Winston-Salem, NC. With years of experience Airport Connection Express conveys a well-disposed, solid and expert support of everyone of their client. Airport Connection Express offers safe and financially savvy rental experience, with all day protection and all day, every day roadside help incorporated into the cost. Airport Connection Express offers adaptable short and long term car and limousine hire solutions, ensuring that all the customer’s requirements are met and that anxiety free excursion is ensured.

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While travelling to a new place, be it any reason an occasional business meeting or as a tourist, its best to  book a car in advance. During the major holidays, maybe a new year, Christmas or Easter; even in normal business days, chances are that you may not find a single car on the spot. Why take a risk and arrive without any plans for  transportation in a big city? Instead, it’s always better to find a reliable car rental agency of the area and reserve your car early.

Let us discuss some advantages of booking a car in advance.

Car of your choice will be available

When you land at the airport if you have booked a car:

  • You are a step ahead of others who run to find a rental agency and start negotiating at the end hour. You will save your valuable time.
  • If you book a car in advance, you have all the information regarding the car and its accessories. Additionally, you have all the info related to the conditions of your lease.

  Take the fast, easy and reliable way to your journey

The car of your choice may not always be available. Always remember to book a car on time. Advance booking will make the car of your choice and required class available to you. The next car available may not meet your class. It may not be large enough for your luggage. Furthermore, the price may not be within your range too.

Always book a car in advance and find yourself with the car of your choice.

  No hidden costs

This is the biggest advantage of booking a car in advance. Not only will you get the car of your choice, you won’t be bothered with any hidden prices. Choosing your required accessories and even asking for some extras, such as snow chains or a child seat becomes easy and available too, if you book a car from a reliable car rental company.

  Special discounts and offers

Many car rental company’s websites are filled with various discounts and offers to excite you to rent their cars. Booking in advance can help you get some discounts.

Booking involves the use of credit card or other cards. Your card company might be giving some discounts as well. Always be informed about it.

  Insurance advantages

Some cardholders are offered insurance for the vehicle too. Your card company may provide you with free rental insurances or other insurance offers. Even though you run by a bad day and do some damage to your rented vehicle, your costs will be paid by your card offering company. Many companies have this service available for you.

Researching a proper and reliable car rental company will not only ensure you fast and safe ride throughout your journey but booking a car in advance will offer you some extra level of security in your ride. Knowing the company well and negotiating for some discounts is always good and beneficial. Book a car and find yourself enjoying the ride to the fullest.

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Winston-Salem has various wonderful restaurants, though, not many serve brunch. If you are in this city as a tourist, you might want to try few wonderful  restaurants that serve brunch. If you have been thinking of having a wonderful time while you are out here, then try some of these recommended places.

Here is our list of some of the favorites, some of which offer Sunday and Saturday brunch and some serve extras like Bloody Marys and mimosas!

1. Mary’s Gourmet Diner

Hours: 8AM-3PM

It is a wonderful restaurant in Arts District of Downtown Winston-Salem that serves you food directly from the farm. This restaurant has a menu that is full of local organic goodness. Breakfasts are served all day and egg Benedict, biscuits, pork sausages gravy, griddle cornmeal, cakes and tofu are their specialty.

Mary’s Gourmet Diner is a vegetarian friendly restaurant that sometimes offers gluten free bread. Alcohol is not served here.

Address: 723 Trade St. Winston-Salem, NC 27101

 2. Mozelle’s Fresh Southern Bistro

Saturday and Sunday Brunch available here from 11AM-2PM

This local’s favorite downtown eatery is famous for its Mozelle’s Benedict with candy bacon and collards. It is famous for its chorizo gravy on a brioche bun with cheese grits or a grilled pimento cheese and bacon sandwich on sourdough with a cup of tomato bisque.

Here you can enjoy the lovely sidewalk dining with great Mimosas.

Address: 878 West Fourth St. Winston-Salem, NC 27101

 3. Finnigan’s Wake Pub and Irish Kitchen

Saturday brunch is available here from 11AM and Sunday brunch from 10AM-3PM

In the heart of Arts District in Downtown Winston-Salem, Finnigan’s has been offering Saturday and Sunday brunch.

Their Saturday brunch menu is not that extensive as their Sunday brunch menu.

They are famous for their traditional Irish favorites, including “boxty”, a thin potato pancake folded over your choice of sweet and savory ingredients. They also serve imported Irish bangers, Scotch eggs, Irish Oatmeal and full Monty omelet with bangers, rashers, corned beef and cheddar cheese served with mashed potatoes and a toastie.

Bloody Marys and mimosas are available here.

Address: 620 N. Trade St. Winston-Salem, NC

 4. Willow’s Bistro

Remember this place for your Sunday Brunch, as it is open from 11 AM- 3 PM.

It is a farm-to-table restaurant between downtown and Old Salem. It offers traditional, likeable and unique items like fried chicken, waffles, steak Benedict and bananas, Foster French toast, goat cheese grits and sesame soba noodles and more.

It is a vegetarian friendly restaurant and is best for organic local foods and beverages.

Address: 300 S. Liberty St. Winston-Salem, NC 27101

 5. River Birch Lodge

Saturday brunch is available here from 11AM-3PM and Sunday brunch available from 9AM-3PM.

This is a sister restaurant of Midtown Café and Dessertery, River Birch Lodge restaurant, and it offers Sunday and Saturday brunch with an atmosphere of “mountain casual dining” and a lovely patio.

Menu includes items such as Eggs Benedict, Belgian Waffles and veggie frittata.

Bloody Marys and Mimosas are available through their full bar; also available are Gluten free dishes and sliced bread, though, no buns.

Address: 3324 Robinhood Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27106


For the best of  transportation services around the area of Winston-Salem, and for timely and comfortable rides, do remember Airport Connection Express. We will offer you transportation to all these above mentioned awesome restaurants; make your next brunch here your special one, with our Airport Transfer and private transfer services. We offer pick and drop services for all your transportation needs around the area of Winston-Salem.

Airport Connection Express provides transportation facilities to all these restaurants around the area of Winston-Salem.

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‘Is it cheaper to rent a car or drive your own?’ This is the most obvious question we have in our  mind prior leaving. Dilemma! Personally, I hate spending my money on things I already have. But, let me ease you with this blog. Here are different tips that I use to save money on my car rentals. Have a read.

1. Reservation

Have you noticed or not that the prices change drastically even within an hour. You might not be sure about the trip, but asking about making a reservation to lock in a price is a smart way. At least,  you have a back-up. Even if you are not ready to make commitment reservations can work.

2. Compare

I suggest, do not pick a service provider in a jiffy. Different companies have  different policies and criteria of renting a car. Prices do  vary between companies. Ask your friends or family who already have rented a car prior, list some and then pick one.

3. Adjust

For instance, I wanted a car by Friday morning, but it was considerably cheaper to rent it from Thursday night. What I mean is – you can get a lower fare by renting the car longer than you need it. Alter your time to find a sweet spot during the day when rentals are cheapest.

4. Coupon

The mantra ‘Never Pay Retail’holds true with rental cars.  element coupon key into the cost. allows you to name your own price. offers various coupon codes.

5. Fuel

You may be thrilled when the rental agency offers a free upgradefrom economy to a fancy SUV. They might have some reason behind the price lowering. They might have excluded the fuel part. Excluding the fuel, can you afford it? Counting this cost is an important factor in staying within your trip budget.

6. Read

Make sure you have inexhaustible mileageand are authorized to take the care where you want to go. Sometimes, the car rental companies do not inform you prior, and later, the cost incurs at the time of bill payment.

7. Blame

Before signing on the dotted line, do a rigorous examination of the car, and note down any damage that you see. Do not be held liable for what the previous driver did.

8. Insurance

You cannot rely totally on the service provider. Check whether the insurance that the company is claiming to offer is valid. Consult your insurance provider to see if extra insurance is even necessary.

9. Distraction

The most important tip among all it is tempting to fiddle with the whistles and bells when you slide into the shiny new car. It is okay to get tempted but not when you’re on the road. Safety comes first!

Thank you so muchguys for reading this blog. Feel free to use the comment section. I love hearing from you. Your comments are always appreciable.

Happy Travel!!

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Sometimes you need to get out of the box. The places you usually love spending time at, with your favorite person, would get monotonous sooner or later. Why don’t you visit different places turn by turn then? Okay, let’s get into  North Carolina

1. U.S. National Whitewater Center

The U.S. National Whitewater Center opened for visitors from all over the globe in 2006. Kayaking, canoeing, whitewater rafting, biking and rock climbing are the specialized features of the center. The world’s largest artificial whitewater river which re-circulates continually is a notable thing to look for. For the beginners, without training you can participate in all activities and events. You can also sign up for the training of each activity, for instance hiking and fishing.

2. Biltmore Estate (Asheville, North Carolina)

The homes feature full decoration and most of it is very old, dating back to the 1700-1800 era. The largest privately owned home in America is the ‘Biltmore House’ which was completed in 1895. It has 250 rooms, which, via tour guide, you get to walk through. If you love the royal, historical and ancient place, the home will satisfy you to the fullest. It is gorgeous and huge to say the least, and touring the back yard garden and vineyard is breathtaking as well. The tour is available with free wine tasting along the way.

3. NASCAR Hall of Fame (Charlotte, NC)

In Charlotte North Carolina 2010, The Nascar Hall of Fame was opened to critical acclaim. The site has a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant and The Hall of Fame Cafe not to indicate a rather large gift shop. The NASCAR Hall of Fame is a racing fans’ dream come true. Among the items and activities at the Hall of Fame are: Nascar Hall of Fame with pictures of memorabilia, racing cars, Racing Simulators, and of course, everyone’s favorite racing equipment.

4. Charlotte Motor Speedway (Concord, NC)

In 1960 at Concord, North Carolina the ‘Charlotte Motor Speedway’ opened. It attracts all its fans worldwide. The famous movie ‘Thunder’ was filmed at the main track. On a regular basis, the facility also hosts outdoor rock concert in charlotte Motor Speedway. The 1.5 mile track hosts three Nascar races annually and the speedway sits upon over 2,000 acres. Apart from Nascar, there is a quarter mile drag racing strip and it’s the only 4 lane, concrete strip in America. The Charlotte Motor Speedway hosts major car racing events all year long.

5. Wet and Wild Emerald Point

Since 1984, Wet and Wild are serving customers, and are stationed in Greensboro, of North Carolina. It is a water park. Having a total space of 40 acres. It features over 50 rides including 36 big boy slides. You can easily find lifeguards all over the park, who ensure a very safe atmosphere for families, and non-swimmers. The water rides vary from adult thrill seeking water rides to children’s slides. Several sit down fast food and restaurants joints are located all over the park and ‘parking is free’.

6. Carowinds Amusement Park

In 1973, Carowinds Amusement Park was made available to the locals. It spreads across an area of almost 400 – acre. A 20-acre water park is situated in the middle of the amusement park and it affords free admission. The park has an integrated 64 rides with 13 of them being roller coasters for excitement seekers. Also, in October, to mark the Halloween, the park becomes, you guessed it, Scarowinds. The park and rides are decorated with ‘fear in mind’ themes. The park also aprons a huge annual music festival similar to Woodstock if you will. This place is cool for adults and kids, the rides cater everyone.

7. Grandfather Mountain (Linville, North Carolina)

The must see and most famous part of North Carolina is Grandfather Mountain Park is Linville. Grandfather Mountain became a National Park in 2011. The park is for camping, picnicking and  hiking. The elevation of Grandfather Mountain is 5,946 feet. The beauty of two different rivers that flow through a spectacular mountain is the view to watch. The huge bride called ‘The mile high Hanging Bridge’ goes across the mountain. If you are an aero-phobic, it is good not to have a hiking. There are 11 different sightseeing and hiking trails here.

8. Carolina Panthers (NFL Football) (Charlotte, NC)

In 1995, Charlotte, North Carolina acquired their own NFL franchise called the Carolina Panthers. Not a Super Bowl winner yet but they have won four division Championships. You can check-out Newton and the rest of the team if you are a football fan. This team rocks the house during home games. It is difficult to top the strength of a professional football game being played live before your eyes. If you are ever in town, watching a live game is not a bad option. The Carolina Panthers is an enlarged NFL football team based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

9. Museum of the Cherokee Indian (Cherokee, NC)

When does it open? It is open every day, all year long! It displays artifacts and items that document the lives of the Cherokee Indians and their lives in the Smokies. Some of the things that can be found in the Museum’s store are over 1,000 black and white pictures from the 1880’s era and over 4,000 rare books. The Museum has permanent manifestations about the Cherokee Indians. They also conduct a traveling manifest that changes from year to year.

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We all know travelling ingest money, and when it comes renting a vehicle, your expenses can increase tremendously. It can actually take a big amount out of your vacation budget. Here are some tips you to help you save on transportation!

1. Hire the cheapest car

Most rental companies have a wide selection of cars; usually the smaller ones are cheaper. So, if you only need a small car, select the cheapest car that meets your needs.

2. Ask for Discounts

Rental car companies offer discounts to its customer based on various factors. But the main key is negotiating. Simply asking, or negotiating, about discounts would do nothing wrong to you.

3. Compare prices
You should spend significant amount of time trying to compare prices offered by various companies. Then, as per your affordability, you can choose the right company.

4. Avoid the airport
Off-airport locations are typically economical then airport locations. This tends to boost on fees, which can raise the price.

5. Reserve for longer period
This may sound illogical, but tacking an extra day on to that weekly rental, or even adding a couple of hours to extend it over a weekend can increase your expenditure. Some companies might charge you extra for renting more than your pledge.

6. Confer as much as you can
Even after you have reserved the vehicle in the best possible rate, you still have the right to try and swing the value by the rental counter, to see if you can trick your way into a better car.

“You don’t ask, You don’t get” –Abrams

7. Check your insurance carrier
Insurance companies sometimes offer discounts, when booking through certain companies, to their valuable customer. If you’re taking help of agents, ask your agent to get you in contact with such companies.

8. Military discounts
Many companies offer military families a discount. You never know if they do, so just ask when making your booking. You just might experience a pleasant bombshell!

9. Frequent Flier or Rental Clubs
Frequent flier miles can sometimes be exchanged to use shortly before rental cars. Adding on, sign up for your favorite rental company’s club, and you could find yourself eligible to their and/or perks.

10. Online Sites
Take a look at sites online; they can offer some ruthless rates. You can always settle for the basic rental online, and then reform when you get to the counter.

11. Sign up for emails
Signing up for the emails and notifications by visiting the car rental site could help a lot. Some companies often send out coupons and codes to their subscribers, which are not available to the general public. Who know- you might get fortunate! Do not miss a chance!

12. Employer Discounts
Some larger companies have deals set up with rental agencies, which pass along reduction to its employees. Ask your Human Resources Manager to find out if there is a program available.

13. Be careful about add-ones
Make sure that you check your own insurance as many times as possible. Your own auto insurance will cover you in any rental cars obtain, which means that you do not need to make the extra purchase. This can save your money!

14. Coupon codes
Believe it or not, even rental companies can offer coupon discounts. You can often find these directly on the company’s website. Sign up on the company’s site for emails, and they will sometimes send them to you.


I hope this blog helped you. I love hearing from you guys. So, please do not forgetto like or comment in the respective section.

 I appreciate your comments.
Thank you!!
Have a safe Travel!

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Are you looking for an  airport transportation service, but don’t have any idea about it? Well, the first thing you need to do is choose which car you want. If you want your flight to be comfortable and safe before and after your flight, you will want to hire a limousine. Hiring an airport limo will not only provide you with comfort and safety, but will also free you from the hassles of luggage retrieval and waiting in queue for a taxi. There are some basic things that you need to know that will be very helpful for you to make your travel smoother and easier.

Here are some tips for the ones who are renting it for the first time.

Provide Your Mobile Number

Do not forget to provide your mobile number to the rental company while booking an  airport limousine. The company as well as the driver can be in constant contact with you so that your limo will be ready for you, whenever and wherever you want it.

Check your Flight time

You must always check your flight time and arrange for pickup accordingly.

Turn On Your Phone

Make sure to turn on your phone so you would be in contact. It would be pretty hard for the limo company to track you in case your mobile is switched off.

Meet the Chauffeur

When you land at the airport make sure that your chauffeur meets you at the baggage claim area. Most limo companies provide their customers with meet & greet facility, whereby, the chauffeur meets the guests in the baggage claim area and helps them with their luggage retrieval.

Confirmation Number

It would be wise to always keep a copy of limousine contact number and confirmation number with you. If there is delay in the arrival of the limo, you could check out what’s wrong. If you have these details with you, it’ll be easier to contact the chauffeur or the limo company.

Tip the Chauffeur

If you are well satisfied with the chauffeur, you may want to tip them. Some company may also have a regulation regarding the amount you tip the chauffeur. 15% is considered as the minimal tip you could. However, if you are generous you could tip them up to 25%.

So, if you are looking for a comfortable ride to or from the airport, hire an airport transportation service, and they will be available at your service. We promise you a safe, comfortable and a luxurious ride. 

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Whether traveling to a honeymoon, corporate event, prom, business meeting, wedding or simply for a vacation, limo service is one the best options for transportation provisions. The limo offers a reliable, efficient, professional and relaxing mode of transport.

Just like with any other service, there are a number of misconceptions that exist about what you should expect when you rent a limo. While some of these misconceptions do have some truth to them, most are unfounded and are often a result of misinformation.

Misconceptions of hiring a limo service

The following outlines the some of the common misconceptions that exist when it comes to hiring limousine services:

Limos have a high cost:

 Everyone assumes that renting a limo is expensive. But, when you compare it to other transportation options and take into account that you will likely be sharing the costs with other people, renting a limo is actually quite reasonably priced. When you factor in the added value and comfort that you get compare to other options, it is clear that while you may pay a few extra bucks, it is more than worth it, especially when you factor in the experience you will have.

Limo service cannot be customized for your trip:

 Many people think that once you plan your limo trip that you cannot customize your route. But, the truth is that your limo driver would be happy to make an extra stop or change your plans as long as the request is reasonable.

Finding a good limo company is tough:

Many people assume finding a good limo company is hard to find. While there may be some bad apples here and there, but if you make a thorough search there are many great limo companies that will be able to provide you with the customer service and experience you expect. This is why it is important to read online reviews, take a look at the limo company’s website, and choose a limo company that has a reputation for providing great service in your area.

Limo drivers have no formal training:

Many people lump in limo drivers with other drivers and assume that they do not have any additional format training outside of obtaining a license to drive a limo. But, the truth is that limo drivers go through extensive training, especially in the area of customer service and safety. Drivers are trained to provide you with the best possible customer service experience – this is part of the overall limo experience. Drivers are also trained to ensure that you experience a safe drive. They know the area and have no issue getting you to your destination in the most direct route possible.

Limos are only for special events:

One of the biggest misconceptions about limos is that they are only for special occasions like weddings, proms  and corporate events. However, you can rent a limo for almost anything. When you rent a limo you make it an event and create a memorable experience that people will not soon forget. Hire a limo for a ride to the airport for shopping or any other event and make it a memorable one.

In past times only celebrities and politicians could afford to travel around in limousines, but now the trend has changed. In these days it’s become common place to see the use of limousines for all sorts of occasions. If you have special event you too can hire a limo service for anything from a wedding to a trip to the airport. Have fun riding the luxurious limo services!!

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The history of Winston-Salem isn’t restricted to the museums and book shelves, but found all around us. Finding it only takes a curious spirit and wandering eye. The great secrets of Winston-Salem hide in plain sights, in the middle of the forest, or in the far off corners of the city.

The following story uncovers 7 hidden treasures of the Twin City- some easy to find, some barely visible- all worthy of another moment’s notice- but all existing beyond our normal sightedness.

1. The hidden water bodies

There exists two bodies of water in Winston-Salem that is hardly noticeable- the Vulcan Quarry and the Bath Branch Falls. The Vulcan Quarry is a fresh water lake filled with freshwater jellyfish and various types of bass, hidden in a heavily wooded area. With 100-foot gray cliffs surrounding the lake, it looks like something straight from Hawaii.

Bath Branch Falls is another treasure hidden by Kudzu and briars in the heart of the twin city near the City Yard. It’s believed that the falls are around 9 feet tall, but there’s no way to prove since no one can really find them.

2. The original Krispy Kreme

There is nothing better than a Krispy Kreme doughnut, except when it comes from the original location. Krispy Kreme doughnuts are found everywhere from Arkansas to Tokyo, but the original one is located right at 259 South Stratford Road.

The existence of this working doughnut shop is actually not a secret, but not everyone knows that it is the Original. With a window behind the counter that lets you watch those fluffy, sweet bombs being made, the original doughnut shop is worth a visit.

3. The Brookstown Inn

How do you like the paranormal activities? Does the idea of creaking floors, phantom children running down the hall, and whispering ghost sound fun? If so, then you’ve got to check out the Brookstown Inn.

This popular Historic Inn is a charming place to stay, but it is also rumored to be haunted. Most of the paranormal activities are reported on the fourth floor. If you wish for the creepiest experience, ask for room 401. You are warned!

4. Reynolds Building-the father of Empire State Building

Did you know that the Empire State Building was remodeled after a prototype in Winston-Salem? The 21-floor Art Deco skyscraper known as Reynolds Building was the tallest in the South when completed in 1929.

It was originally a home to RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company and was sold in 2009. It’s now waiting for its next heir. But every year, the Empire State Building sends a father’s day card to the Reynolds Building. Yes, for real.

5. The Harris Carillon

You won’t miss the ringing of Harris Carillon every weekday evening, but very few have actually seen this 12-ton instrument. And even more elusive is the actual person up there in the tower who plays the instrument with 48 bronze bells.

The instrument is controlled by the keyboard, still operated manually by the Carillonneur (the person who plays the notes). Go get there before it’s too mainstream.

6. Mickey Pot

This 7 feet 3 inches tall pot is not exactly hard to see, but it is nestled inside the Moravian Village of Old Salem. This old giant coffee pot was crafted in 1858 to help advertise the tinsmith business by the Mickey brothers.

Of course, the coffee pot is not a working pot, but if it was, it would hold 11,840 cups of coffee. What? Pass me all the sugar and cream please!

7. ‘The periodic table’ Table

Too mainstream-you’ve seen a periodic table, but have you ever seen a ‘periodic table’ table? If you love chemistry, then this is going to be the best thing you may ever see.

This table is actually the project that is built by a couple of Wake Forest Seniors in 2003. It is located just outside the chemistry building there (of course). It’s worthy to have a trip to Winston-Salem, trust me.

I know what you are thinking right now…. “How did I not know these existed?” Now that you’ve known, you would not like to miss any of these, would you? Go get there before these mysteries are no more mysteries.

I hope you get a reliable taxi service in Winston-Salem.

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